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Mashhad is a city locate in the northeast of Iran and one of the most important cities in the West Asian region. A city measuring ​​351 square kilometers and having a total population of three and a half million is formed 12 centuries ago when Imam Reza (A.S.), the eighth Shia Imam, was buried there. It is now one of the most important pilgrimage cities in the world annually receiving 30 million pilgrims. Among Persian-speaking countries, Mashhad is the pioneer of culture and literature, and was called the cultural capital of the Islamic world in 2017.

Call for Mashhad International Urban Arts Festival

“Mashhad Urban Arts Festival” has been turning the city space into a large exhibition of works by Iranian artists such as sculptors, architects, graphic designers, painters, etc. for 13 years during the happy days of Nowruz creating a part of the contemporary memories of Mashhad. Now, in the fourteenth year holding the festival, hosting international works of art is to be added to past experiences and it would start a new chapter in urban arts manifestations in “the Metropolis of Munificence and Blessing”.